Preventing bodily injury from the environment is a bit like playing roulette. There is a very low chance you’ll get hit by a car on any given day, but it still can happen. While we can’t eliminate all the risk factors of getting injured from our day to day, some of the most common things that can cause injury to your body are easy to avoid or prevent.

Falls are the leading cause of both serious and minor injury in both children and adults as shown in the 2011 study by DeVivo & Chen and in the 2016 study by Racaite & Surkiene. The risk of a fall can be reduced by improving lighting in and around the home, especially by the stairs and by wearing the correct footwear for the weather conditions ; crampons when it’s icy for example.

If you do happen to fall however the risk of injury can be greatly reduced by learning how to fall properly, and there are many guides on the internet explaining how to do this.

There are many other ways to reduce risk of environmental injury such as properly stowing sharp objects. It is difficult to increase your risk of injury accidentally by reducing the environmental risk factors, so this section does not require an exhaustive guide. If you feel you would like an exhaustive guide to environmental risk factors please email to let me know.