Pain within the lower back is commonly caused by injury to the tissues. Depending on the structures injured and the way the injury occurred , pains in the lower back can have vastly different intensities.

Muscular and ligamentous injury can come about due to leaning forwards and twisting motions, most commonly seen when picking things up. While poor posture may play a role in weakening the structures this movement may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. While the pain may initially present as an intense spasm that limits movement for several days it normally becomes a dull ache that can be present for weeks or even months. If left untreated the area is likely to be weakened and prone to re-injury.

Discal pain or disc related injuries in the lower back can normally come about due to progressive weakening of the disc through poor posture or injury. It can start as a small niggling pain but can quickly become severe , debilitating and dangerous as more of the discal material compresses or traps the nerves. This is a common cause of Sciatica.

Neural entrapment can also be caused by bone growth into the nerve (arthritic spur) or direct compression to the nerve elsewhere in the body.

Due to the debilitating and potentially dangerous nature of the problem, swift diagnosis and treatment is essential. Treatment involves improving function of the injured area to remove pressure from the affected structures and prevent further compression. Exercises and stretches will be done to strengthen the area and restore movement. Many people suffering from back pain of any cause make a full recovery and go back to normal or even improved lives when using osteopathy for the recovery process.