Easy reading short version:

Period pain or PMS symptoms requires a diverse strategy to help each woman find out what works best for her unique needs. Here are the key areas:

Lifestyle and stress

  • 1 hour of moderate to intense exercise , 3 times / week
  • Spend 20 minutes each day on meditation or stress reduction techniques
  • Diet

  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol
  • Increase fibre intake
  • Eat a low glycemic diet

    Supplements (daily)

    High strength multivitamin containing ; B6 at 100mg, Magnesium citrate at 500mg, Zinc gluconate at 15mg, vitamin E at 350 IU, Vitamin C at 500 mg, Vitamin D at 3000 IU.

  • Fish oil at 1000mg (with both EPA and DHA)
  • 5-HTP at 150mg
  • Saint-johns wort 1000mg
  • Chasteberry 200mg
  • Self help techniques

  • Lifting of round ligament

    Over 40% of women are effected by severe menstrual pain. Many hormonal factors influence the body’s sensitivity to pain. Many of the hormones are either synthesised or processed in the liver. Impaired liver function can lower endorphin levels and affect catchaloamines within the body and lower vitamin B6 activity in the body. Low Thryroid hormone function has also been shown to have an effect on menstrual pain.

    Exercise, diet and supplementation have all been shown help regulate hormone levels and moderate pain sensations. To find out more about the how and why, feel free to drop me an email.

    The round ligament suspends the uterus within the abdominal cavity, it goes from the pelvis , though the internal abdominal ring and inguinal canal and into the labia majora. When the uterus swells whether due to pregnancy or through inflammation the ligament can become stretched and painful. To reduce the pain bending of the hips and lifting or gentle pulling of the skin around the mons pubis can provide temporary relief for as long as the lift is applied.

    As stated above, each woman is unique in what her body needs to modulate pain. Trial and error of the advice above can help but overall you main find only one or two of the items helpful. This is normal and for more information I would look at the other articles on this blog or get in contact.