Here is the easy reading version summarising all the information to come in the next few posts

As a quick, easy version of what you can do to help with injury prevention, here are the main points:

  • 1. Eliminate risk factors from your lifestyle and environment i.e. smoking, drinking, poorly lit areas.
  • 2. Aim to be an appropriate weight for your height.
  • 3. Get regular and balanced exercise appropriate for your lifestyle and nutrition. It should include a balanced ratio of resistance, flexibility and cardiovascular components.
  • If that all seems common sense to you, good news! It is…. But! You might be wondering if its common sense why isn’t everyone injury free?

    The truth is that there are many, Many pitfalls in the seemingly simple concepts. Earnest application of these principles, done poorly, will have little effect or even encourage injury.

    I’m here to explain the exact details of the concepts to help you avoid injury or navigate yourself back to health if you’re already injured.

    Injury is caused by tissue damage. Muscles are tissue, so are blood vessels and so are your organs. All of the structures in your body can become injured in very different ways, but as a musculoskeletal specialist I will be talking about injury in relation to your muscles, tendons joints, bones and ligaments.

    For advice on avoiding injury to your internal organs a specialist in that field is recommended, however my advice will offer some carryover benefits.