The causes of headaches can be widely varied and poorly understood.

From stress to poor posture or changes in eyesight the pain can become debilitating. Muscular tension headaches in their characteristic “headband” pattern of pain around the top and sides of the head tend to be one the most common types.

How we treat headaches

At Robert & Andre Kulesza Osteopathy we believe in getting to the source of the problem and as a result diagnosis of the type of headache is as important as the treatment.

Through orthopaedic testing and treatment protocols we eliminate each possibility to find the root cause. We also work to stretch and massage strained and tensioned muscles. We work though strengthening exercises to improve posture and advise you on dietary, lifestyle and ergonomic factors that can influence the severity of pain.

If we find during our consultation and examination that the headache is caused by systemic factors such as cardiovascular disease or chemical imbalance we can refer you to the appropriate specialists immediately.